Hi, I’m Allison…                                   

… and I’m an accidental vegan.


Yep, that’s right. There I was, blindly going about my carnivorous business, when BAM! Next thing you know, I’m one of those granola-eatin’, animal-savin’, tree-huggin’ hippie- dippie vegans.


It all started, as most good stories do, with a small kitchen appliance. My husband remembered my mentioning wanting to try juicing, so for our anniversary, he bought me a top of the line juicer.  Doesn’t sound so romantic, I know, but  I am one of those chicas who much prefers shiny things from the kitchen department to shiny things from the jewelry department.  I’ll even go so far as to say ” jewelry shcmewelry”.  Well, ok…  I suppose if  instead  I’d opened a pretty little blue box from Tiffany’s,  I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt his feelings or anything.  🙂  Still, score!

Along with that shiny new juicer came this cool book filled with recipes, motivational tips, etc. I decided to follow a 15-day plan with the intent of re-setting my sluggish metabolism. Not only did it work, it worked wonders!  I was sleeping better. Looking better. Most importantly, feeling better! I decided I would add solid foods back into my diet gradually, starting with fresh fruits and vegetables, and just see where my newly attuned self and I would go from there (Er, for the record?  I’m actually only one person).

Meanwhile, I began to really educate myself about nutrition. Not the “nutrition” I’d been taught throughout all my years in the Food Service Industry, but true nutrition.  True food. This awakening was shocking, to say the least, but nothing when compared to… Dum-dum-DUM….

 The Documentaries.

Citing the wisdom of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Since ending my juice fast in February, my newly educated and freshly re-set self (ves) also ended all consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy. And I’ve never felt better!

I’ve worked with food my whole life; everything from picking cherries, to head-cheffing at retirement communities, to running my own small catering business. Cooking and baking are lifelong passions, and I love nothing more than to feed;  to nourish.  To be able to take my experience and use it to prepare healthy, delicious meals and treats?  Whole new ball game.

Humor has always played a major role in my life, and let it be knownst here and now that it will play a major role in this forum.  Finding the humor in things has sustained me throughout my life.  Laughter is like food in that way.  It can comfort you through the valleys and strengthen you on your  climb up to the peaks.  And sometimes, funny = money.  When I was in my mid-twenties, befuddled, and couldn’t afford therapy, I  launched a stand-up and improvisational comedy career that supplemented my income (barely), gave me creative wings, and introduced me to unforgettable people and experiences.  Oh, and also taught me what not to wear ( 1990 or not).

Another big thrill for me is thrift-shopping – — No doubt many of the items I’ve purchased over the years will appear in my photos. Sadly, the threads sported in the photo above were purchased back in my mall days. Hey man, I paid good money for that hobo look.

Guys, it has  been SO FUN learning to cook a whole new, truly healthy way! What makes it even more fun is that my husband, Brian (the aforementioned appliance giver) is now a hippie-dippie vegan too!! His veganization was no accident, but I love that we’re in it together. Brian is also my IT guy. He’s an IT guy, so that helps.

Say hi to Brian!

Cute, right?

Even if you don’t vegan, good food is good food, and I’m sure you will find something here to love. A lot of my recipes are optimized to include ideas about how to use what’s left over from one recipe to create a whole new yummy meal.

So glad you’re here!  Drop me a line,,, I’d love to hear from you!

Peace, plants and yoga pants,

(Not that a single pair of my yoga pants has ever been to yoga),